The most important aspect of choosing an appropriate screed for any given project is understanding what is needed, and working from there.

When it comes to laying a floor surface you might want some advice from expert floor screeders before choosing your materials.

Should I lay a concrete screed?

If you want the floor to be as flat and level as possible, ready for your final flooring, our floor screeders advice is to lay a quality screed. If you’re tempted to use concrete as a floor surface, remember, it can be cold, uneven and rough, so placing an underlay for carpet or laminate flooring directly onto the concrete can leave your floor looking and feeling less than perfect.

How about traditional sand and cement screed?

A mortar mixture of good old sand and cement is relatively cheap to produce. However, you might find that this traditional type of screed can have patchy quality because every mixer load may differ slightly. Sand and cement screed also has a tendency to develop cracks. If you are installing underfloor heating, it has to be laid quite thickly, and may have air pockets around the pipes in places. That means that the heat transfer into the room will not be even. 

The ease of liquid screed

These are just a few of the reasons why the use of liquid floor screeds has become so popular. A liquid screed is delivered to site ready mixed and then has a hose and pump connected to the delivery truck, and the screed is simply pumped into place.

Floor screeders advice – don’t waste time or money

Laying a liquid floor screed is so much faster than laying sand and cement by hand. In fact, it is reckoned to be about 20 times as fast. On any building site, time is money, so there is a considerable saving here, even though the cost of the materials used for a liquid screed is around twice that of sand and cement. The super fast drying time of liquid screed adds to the cost savings as the contractors down time on site is minimal.

But there are other benefits too, not the least of which is that, because it is in liquid format, it will totally envelop the heating pipes and therefore the heat transfer into the room will be even.

Furthermore, if your plan is to use the liquid screed when installing an underfloor heating system, the thermal conductivity of the screed will be nearly twice that of sand and cement, so the room will heat faster and use less energy. That is a saving which continues for the life of the building.

Talk to experienced floor screeders before you decide

Our floor screeds are ideal for clients who require a solid level floor with a professional finish every time, our high standards allow us to help create your dream home. If you need advice or require the services of competent and affordable floor screeders, then make Complete Floor Screeds your first call. We work in London, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridge and we will be happy to talk you through your options and arrange an on site visit to completely assess your needs.