The specialists for industrial floor screeds and heavy duty screeds for commercial flooring projects in London, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

Essex floor screed service covering Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk.

As experts in floor screeding with over 35 years of experience in the London area and beyond, we work with all types of floor screed to offer you the flooring solution you’re looking for. And working as specialists within our field we are able to provide you with the highest standards of heavy duty screeds and industrial floor screeds available.

Heavy duty screeds in London, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

Out performing conventional floor screeds, heavy duty screeds are necessary for high traffic and heavy wear areas such as industrial and engineering environments, airports, shopping centres and hospitals where a high strength screed is required, especially where thin finishes e.g. carpet, vinyl, wood or resin are to be used over the top of a heavy duty screed surface.

Fast drying industrial floor screed in London

When you cant afford down time a fast drying application is crucial. Rapid set industrial floor screed can be covered with moisture sensitive finishes as early as one day after application. You should always take into account that the drying time of a fast drying industrial floor screed will be determined by many factors including humidity, temperature and mixing, we can advise you on this.