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Floor screeders for all your heavy duty floor screeds and underfloor heating screeds as well as commercial and self build flooring

Sand and cement screed is the most cost-effective alternative to liquid screed floors on the market today

Did you know that the most affordable alternative to liquid screed floors is sand and cement screed?
At virtually half the price, sand and cement screed flooring has recently become the go-to screed product for underfloor heating projects and barn conversions across Cambridge and the UK.

Why our customers choose sand and cement screed

  • Highly cost-effective, sand and cement screeds consistently deliver excellent value for money
  • Fast drying time, saving you valuable down time and ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Superb adhesion with no need for sanding, suitable for many floor coverings, including tiles, wood, and carpets
  • Suitable for residential and commercial projects, underfloor heating and barn conversions
  • Durable and strong, sand and cement screed floors are the superior choice over liquid screeds

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Don’t compromise on the quality and durability of your flooring. Choose sand and cement screeds for a long-lasting, versatile, and highly cost-effective solution. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project and make the best choice for your flooring needs at an affordable price.

About Complete Floor Screeds in Cambridge

Working throughout Cambridge, our quality floor screeding services combine professional workmanship coupled with cost effective pricing. Our floor screed applicators have been working successfully, for many years with both high profile and commercial construction projects, general builders, self build projects and home owner with one-off extensions. We are able to fulfil all screed flooring briefs on time and within budget. Our services extend throughout Cambridge including, Chatteris, Godmanchester, Huntingdon, March, Ramsey, St Ives, St Neots, Soham, Whittlesey and Wisbech.

Pumped screed, power floated and liquid screed flooring services in Cambridge

Screeding Essex

Traditional sand-cement fibre screeds in Cambridge

A traditional floor screed consisting of the two basic components, sand and cement, the addition of evenly dispersed Polypropylene fibres ensures minimal shrinkage and cracking. This floor screed is the perfect partner for underfloor heating installation projects and floated floors in Cambridge.
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Quick drying and Rapid Set Screeds

When down time is not an option, a rapid set, fast drying floor screed if whats required. A fast drying floor screed is rapid to set and can be finished with a moisture sensitive finish as quickly as one day after the application. You should note though, that drying times are ultmately decided by contributing factors such as humidity, temperature and mixing.
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Resin bonded screeds

A popular form of floor screeding, we carry out Resin Bonded Surfacing in Cambridge which includes resin bound surfacing, permeable paving, SuDS compliant surfacing, swimming pool surrounds, tree pit surrounds, rubber granule surfacing, as well as slip resistant surfacing, refurbishment and repair. This is a good looking, low maintenance floor screed that can be used in many ways.

SBR polymer screeds

A high performance floor screed, Polymer Screed easily bonds to structural floors and covers levelling screeds, wearing screeds, floating screeds and fine concrete screeds. It can cover solid concrete floor slabs, reinforced precast concrete units and beams, suspended floors or topping to lightweight screeds. Our batched levelling and wearing screeds are covered by BBA Certificate No. 89/2150.
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Heavy duty screeds

Long lasting and durable, our heavy duty screeds are suitable for areas which take a high volume of traffic such as supermarkets, airports and hospitals where a high strength screed is paramount. Even more so if thin finishes such as carpet, vinyl, wood or resin are to be used over the top of screed surfaces.
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Free flowing screeds

Free flowing latex screeds consist of two self levelling compounds, a powder and liquid latex. These two products are mixed together and then poured onto the floor to form a flat finish. The advantage of latex screed is that it can be laid to a thin 3-40mm depth and sharp sand can be added for increased thickness.

Screed floor repairs and refurbishment specialists in Cambridge

Our screed floor repair team are at your disposal when it comes to eliminating problems that can appear from time to time, associated with damaged screed surfacing. We offer an extensive range of concrete floor repair mortars and screeds. By reducing the likelihood of accidents to pedestrians and damage to vehicles, costs and claims can be minimised. We supply products to repair trip hazards, potholes, uneven floors and damaged concrete hard standings. For damaged internal warehouse floors,production floors, and external floors commercial or domestic, we operate throughout Cambridge.

Screed Floor Product Partners

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Complete Floor Screeders Cambridge

Offering our customers a vast array of floor screeding services, from industrial floor screeds to resin bonded screeds, Complete Floor Screeds Cambridge consist of a skilled team of screed applicators who have been working within this industry for 35 years, so no matter the size of your job, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, anywhere in Cambridge and beyond.

Floor Screed Projects in Cambridge

Experts for over 35 years in floor screeding, concrete works and surface preparation. Our high level of professionalism, is sufficient to provide all our customers with the highest standards of workmanship and the best quality floor screeds on the market. There is no job however big or small that we will not carry out to the very best of our ability, finishing on time and within budget.

Why Choose Complete Floor Screeds

Quick off the mark
If you need us in a hurry we will be there! Within a 48 hour period, we guarantee to respond to your enquiry. We have the resources and the staff available to cover urgent jobs of any size anywhere across the UK.

Quality Floor Screed in Cambridge
Our floor screed materials are high quality and our mixes, which are only ever made in quality controlled plants, eradicate the danger of mistakes that often go hand in hand with screed floors which have been prepared on site.

Fairly priced at competitive rates
All works priced by Complete Floor Screeding in Cambridge offer excellent value for money. Complete satisfaction at an affordable price is always our priority.

With an impressive 35 years of floor screeding expertise and over 65000 square meters of screed laid, there is nothing within the remit of floor screeds that we cannot do. Name any problem on site, and we will be able to solve it!

Reliability comes as standard
Our guarantee to you is that our management team will make certain that all programmed works are implemented within a specified time limit making sure your programme is delivered on time and within budget, regardless of the size of the job.

Whistle while we work

Positive mental attitude is the mantra at Complete Floor Screeds.  Our team are enthusiastic about every job they tackle, ensuring each and every project is completed to an exceptionally high standard.

Prompt site visit on every floor screed job in Cambridge
Before work is begun, a visit to the site from one of our experienced, project managers ensure all our customers an accurate quote and will flag up any problems we may find.

Competence and dedication
All our dedicated team, are CSCS card registered, have NVQ2 qualifications, are competent using laser leveling equipment and are all issued with personal protection equipment.

Health and Safety is paramount
At Complete Floor Screeding it is our firm belief that health safety is not just a something you have to comply with, but an attitude towards how we want to work. Therefore, safety of staff and clients is always a priority. Complete floor screeds provides site specific RAMS and insurances for all clients.

Contact us for a quote or general enquiry

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Complete floor screeds for Cambridge.

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    Complete Floor Screeds Cambridge
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     by Michael Simpson
    Great Work

    Great team of guys, very efficient and thorough with their work. I highly recommend them.

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    Delivering high quality floor screeds for self build projects in Essex, Cambridge, Cambridge and the Cambridge area. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best floor screeders installation solutions to all of our customers. Our floor screeds are ideal for clients who require a solid level floor with a professional finish every time, our high standards allow us to help create your dream home. If you require the services of a competent and affordable floor screeders any where in the County of Cambridge then make Complete Floor Screeds your first call. We can talk you through your options and arrange an on site visit to completely assess your need. Our floor screeding services are available across Cambridge including Chatteris, Godmanchester, Huntingdon, March, Ramsey, St Ives, St Neots, Soham, Whittlesey and Wisbech.